Getting Here


The main airport is the Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ) which is only 15 to 20 minutes away from the city center (10 km southwest of Sarajevo). Sarajevo Airport connects Bosnia and Herzegovina to numerous countries through direct flights including: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Croatia, Norway, Turkey, United Arab Emirates etc. The Airport has a capacity of over 1 million passengers a year and also has connecting flights to anywhere around the world. The Airport has different facilities available including car rental, restaurants, post office, banks & ATM, and shopping.

In addition to SJJ, travelers can use the Tuzla International Airport connecting Bosnia and Herzegovina to Germany, Sweden and Austria via WizzAir, as well as the Mostar International Airport offering many charter flights and having connection flights for Croatia, Germany and Italy.


Country’s capital Sarajevo is well connected to Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Bosnia and Herzegovina borders Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro with the following border points:

From Croatia: Gunja, Županija, Slavonski Šamac, Stara Gradiška, Ličko Petrovo Selo, Kamensko, Donji Vinjani, Metković, Slavonski Brod, Hrvatska Dubica, Jasenovic, Gabela, Mali Prolog, Orah, Prud, Vinjani, Aržano, Užljebić, Brgat, Čepikuće

From Serbia: Sremska Rača, Mali Zvornik, Kotroman, Trbušnica, Ljubovija, Bajina Bašta

From Montenegro: Šćepan Polje, Ilino Brdo, Šula

Many local and international bus lines depart from Sarajevo, Mostar, Tuzla or Banja Luka.


The train schedule offers connection to main tourist destinations in the country in comfortable trains at affordable prices. The passenger can purchase the travelling ticket at the cashier in stations or in the train.