Welcome to our beautiful country, land of pristine nature, hospitable people and rich cultural and historical heritage.

This luxurious blend of history, architecture, religions and cultures that blend Illyrian, Roman, medieval, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman heritage, and create unique personality, now attract numerous tourists from all over the world throughout a year. Nature lovers will enjoy small mountain villages preserving customs, tradition and natural beauty, skiing on the Olympic Mountains or rafting, paragliding, hiking…

Visitors rated Bosnia and Herzegovina as – you get more than you expected – enviable beauty of natural sites and friendly and hospitable tourist staff and local population. Bosnia and Herzegovina is indeed famous for its hospitality spirit!

Official name: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Local short name: BiH
Capital: Sarajevo
Location: Southeast Europe, Balkans
Domonym: Bosnian, Herzegovinian
Population: 3.8 mil (estimation)
Age Structure: 0-14 years:     13.29%
15-64 years:    72.29%
65 years and over: 14.43%
Median Age: 42.1 years (estimation)
Life Expectancy: 76.9
Government: Parliamentary Republic
Independence Day: 1 March 1992
Area: 51,197 km2
Currency: Convertible mark KM (BAM) 1 KM = 0,5113 EUR
GDP per capita: € 4,433  (World Bank, 2017)
Language: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian
Religion: Muslim, Orthodox, Roman Catholic
Time zone: UTC +2
Literacy rate: Males: 99,5
Females: 97,5